LEAF - Linking Environment & Farming

An overhaul of the LEAF website to rationalise the content, modernise the design and build a high performing online resource.

A new start for LEAF

LEAF (Linking Environment and Farming) is the leading organisation delivering more sustainable food and farming. They provide information to farmers and consumers to help promote sustainable farming and protect the environment.

We worked with LEAF (Linking Environment and Farming) to redesign their main website from the ground up, helping to bring clarity to their content to ensure the information was well organised, easy to access and visually engaging.

Our main aim with the LEAF website redesign was to make the wealth of information they have available easily accessible to the end user without compromising on creating a modern look and feel.

Creating a more usable system

By working with the LEAF team to bring a logical structure to the content we were able to build a website that is much more easily digested by users and reduce the workload required by the content team. The new structure allows the management and reuse of content to be carried out in one central location in the content management system across any section of the primary content.

A flexible and functional content management system

The new content system has given the LEAF team the ability to take their content on line without being restricted by how to present the content. We provided a complete set of page elements that are independent and interchangeable allowing LEAF to build unlimited page layouts to match their demands, from bold headline sections and long form content through to detailed maps and charts.

This is all built on the Craft CMS platform, which makes use of the matrix grid to make building flexible page templates simple and intuitive for the LEAF team.

Responsive content across all devices

Early on in the project we learned that LEAF's audience were accessing the current site on a range of devices. In the redesign we put a large focus on making sure the content worked across as all devices so that leafs content is accessible whenever and wherever the user required.

Integrating into an existing system

One of the demands of this project was to work in stages through a transition period from the old to new site. This required us to integrate with their existing site 's members area. We made a key feature of this helping to bring clarity to their membership scheme by guiding users to the right membership type before accessing the old site.

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